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Jenny Hill, Vice President of Marketing

The Oregon Equestrian Trails web site will now includes a blog portion offering people and user groups more insight to what volunteers are about and what they do for your community and surroundings. Jenny Hill our new Vice President of Marketing will be leading the charge

Our goal is to link equestrians together by relating news that impacts all equestrian trail users in Oregon, promote education of equestrians in the use of Leave No Trace ethics, to let the public know some of the projects our volunteers have done to improve the trails and horse camps throughout Oregon, to let all equestrian users know when a long time trail or area is being consider by the powers to be, closed forever to equestrians.

Our blog will also be directly linked to our new Facebook page. Come be the first ones to Like Us.

Did you know, last year alone Oregon Equestrian Trails (OET)  members logged over 11,000 hours of volunteer labor all around Oregon, valued at over $260.000.00 dollars. Its these efforts that many times go unnoticed by the general public. We hope through social medial to get out the word on the efforts made by our members. We hope to stir your interest in our cause through social media to come join our efforts in keeping trails and camp grounds always open to equestrian users.

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  1. Paula Zirkle
    | Reply

    This last OET annual meeting was a first for me. I learned so much about how to be better prepared for rides, camping and work crews. By the time I left I was inspired by all the work that was accomplished by OET volunteers and felt pride that I had associated myself with such a great organization. I look forward to helping OET accomplish its objectives. Thank you for a spectacular annual meeting.

  2. Micheale Gordon
    | Reply

    I am excitedly looking into the 2013 year and I see lots of volunteer opportunities for ALL equestrians. From work parties to complete projects, to updating existing horse camps, and planning new trails. I see the coming year as a chance to work, play, and make lots of new connections!

    Bring it ON!

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